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Golden Visa in Valencia

Golden Visa & Residence Permit for investors

Golden Visa in Spain

Spanish golden visa program offers a real estate investment route to gaining residency in Spain. The program in Spain has been in operation since September, 2013. The golden visa program in Spain is flexible in terms of the family options it offers however it is restrictive when it comes to the route to citizenship. Government fees are low and the process is quick. It is ideal for residency.

Who can benefit from the Golden Visa?

The golden visa is intended for all citizens from outside the European Union who intend to make an investment in Spain as a means of obtaining their residence.
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To apply for a golden visa in Spain in 2020, you can choose one of the following paths:

First of all, you can obtain your investor visa by buying a property worth more than €500,000. But, what happens if the property has been purchased by several individuals/investors? In this case, we must keep in mind that the investment will be calculated at the individual level. This means that if our personal contribution to the property does not reach €500,000, we will not be able to apply for the visa.

Second, the purchase of shares of a Spanish company, or having a bank deposit in a Spanish entity for a value greater than one million euros. This will also give you access to this residence permit.

Possession of Spanish public debt of €2 million or more.

Why working with us

  • We accompany you throughout the entire process. We organize the viewings for you and clarify questions
  • We provide you with professional evaluations of the properties to guarantee you real and optimal market prices
  • We take care of the entire work for you. We search on over 100 plattform, real estate networks and banks. We do not market a limited portfolio
  • Our customers save a lot of money because we conduct the price negotiations for you with local and native employees
  • We offer fixed prices regardless of the real estate value. This way we can work 100% in your interest
  • We work independently of the purchase price which allows us to show you also price attractive alternatives.
  • Through us you have the best choice of objects and market transparency because we are not limited by a portfolio.
  • We provide you with the best options for golden visa lawyers or construction companies
  • We pay for the preparation or review of the customary purchase agreement by one of our partner lawyers which also includes the legal checks of the required documents
  • You take no risk. If you do not like any of our proposal and do not wish to visit them, you will have no costs

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