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Our Services

Real estate service to find the best real estate in Valencia with a strong partner
Golden Visa Valencia is a specialized buyer agent finding the best real estate for our clients and making the purchase as safe as possible. We work 100% for the buyer as a strong partner and guarantee absolute confidentiality. We offer all services related to the purchase of real estate in Valencia. These real estate services create a number of important benefits for our customers.
You choose comfortably out of the options- we take care of everything else

You will be personally assisted by one of our client managers that researches suitable real estate based on your wishes and ideas. This option is best for those who already have specific ideas about their property and also intend to visit real estate in Valencia

Our services:

  • Personal assistance by a research consultant. Individual searches based on your personal search profile
  • Coordination and accompaniment of the viewing appointments
  • Price negotiation with the aim to buy the property as cheap as possible for you
  • Assistance with the authorities, utilities and banks
  • Professional price evaluation of your property
  • Mediation of lawyers and notaries for safe handling of the purchase
  • Mediation of technical examiners or surveyors
  • Mediation of financing partners such as agencies or banks
  • Payment of costs for the preparation or review of the customary purchase agreement in Valencia (the actual purchase contract) and the associated examination of the documents by one of our partner lawyers:
    • Who is the owner of the immovable property you intend to buy
    • That the property is legally registered in the corresponding Land Registry
    • That the property is free from charges (mortgages, liens and encumbrances, etc.)
    • That the property has been granted by the Town Hall the corresponding municipal building perm
Other important property services

You have already found a property in Valencia and you would like to have professional support to realize the purchase? We support clients also with all the necessary steps like viewings, price negotiations to purchase the new property.

One of the most important questions regarding a potential puchase is how to determine the market value of a property. We use professional tools to define the most realistic market values for our clients and give clear boundaries for the price negotiations.

Most of the new home owners engage into renovation works after having purchased the new property in Valencia. Language problems and different working procedures can make this task quite challenging for the home owners. We help with professional construction support.